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Wheel alignment for '89 Mazda 323

I’d just notice that one of the rear wheels on my 1989 Mazda 323 was
wearing unevenly. Specifically, the outer edge was being worn more
than usual. From my little experience, this means that the camber
needs adjustment.  But is the camber adjustable on this car? I took
off the wheels and couldn’t see any adjustment points. Also could
incorrect toe-in cause this problem?  Do I need to get a new set of
tires for the dealer to do this type of alignment (as one shop
claims)? I realize that I may need to get a new tire after the
alignment but I didn’t think a new tire is needed to do the alignment

Also should I get a full 4 wheel alignment even though the other three
tires look fine.

BTW the car is a base 323 hatchback.



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