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Ping Comboverfish–A/C on Corolla Wagon, and horn…

Apropos of  Toyota MDT in MO’s previous help in my A/C-electric Qs, here’s
an update (and how I spent July 4th)  <g>:

The car is in fact a 91 toyota corolla DX wagon, altho the windshield
sticker says "SUBN".

Solved, but did not fix, the A/C problem.
It’s indeed the low pressure switch, and indeed, the compressor is blowing
warm air.
Clearly low on refrigerant.   :(
Was hoping for a loose wire.   :(  :(

But your help made sleuthing this out very quick!  Bless you!

I’m assuming a shop will evacuate whatever refrigerant is in there, and
replace it with whatever is in use today.
After checking for leaks?
Take it to Toyota, or a decent local mechanic?
Assuming an easy fix on any leaks (hose mebbe), what should this cost,
$-wise, time-wise?

Remember the dangling wire from the non-working horn??
That’s actually a small drain hose!!!!
Go figger…..

And here’s the kicker:
 The horn itself is good.
Found the horn/hazard fuse–good.
Found the horn relay (right next to this fuse):  no voltage in *any* of the
4 prong-slots for the relay.
Checked and rechecked, with someone leaning on the horn at the steering

This suggests either a bad horn switch in the steering wheel, or a loose
wire somewhere.
Do horn switches in the steering wheel ever go bad?  Never heard of that
How would I continue sleuthing this problem??

If I knew what the color code was of the wires at the horn switch, I might
be able to see them under dash/wheel, check for voltage in, and then jump
the switch and check for voltage back to the relay, to at least rule out a
broken/burnt wire in the harness.
Or mebbe just find a disconnected wire somewhere at the wheel?

Any "quick fixes"–alternate horn switch??

Oh, one more thing about both of these problems:
It’s been a while, but the owner says that one of these problems occurred
after a minor fender bender (not even a bent fender) OR visit to a shop, and
one after the car was towed to a shop for some other problem.
Not etched in stone, of course.
Another shop after that couldn’t find the horn problem–probably did what I
did, and went no further.

Possible sabotage?
Hey, Sears was caught doing this…   :)

Thanks again

Mr. P.V.’d  (formerly Droll Troll), Yonkers, NY

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