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Odd Turn Signal Problem – 2000 Focus

My 2000 Ford Focus SE has developed an odd problem. The turn signal wants
to flash left. Driving down the road, the left turn signal will come on.
You can stop it by pushing in on the end of the turn signal, or by applying
upward pressure or slight downward pressure. This is the second time this
has happened. The first time, I took the shroud off of the steering column,
hoping to remove and fix whatever was wrong. I couldn’t see how to remove
the turn signal lever assembly, and when I got the shroud back on, the
problem was gone. (And I am not comfortable working on the steering column
with the air bag sitting in front of my face!)

Anyone have a link to instructions for removing the turn signal lever?
Or a suggestion of what is wrong and how to fix it? I think this would be
expensive at the dealer.

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