Technical aspects of automobiles

Let the sodomization begin…. $400 for a g-d battery???


I was preparing myself, with liberal applications of Preparation H, for
duplicating my Honda Fit keys.

Then I found out what the goddamm battery costs, which is little bigger than
a Harley Davidson battery–which makes sense, cuz Harley Davidson engines
are as big or bigger than the Fit engine.
I don’t think my local drugstore carries enough Prep H for this one.

So here’s the Q:
Are there cheap Sears or other replacements for these small batteries?

If not, I’m going to measure and find the smallest standard battery I can,
and *force* it in, even if I have to weld brackets, or use a sawzall, or run
wires from the back seat.
Fuck dis.

What a sodomization, $400 for a battery.
Indeed, economic assault & battery.

And, I believe, it’s just the beginning.

Mr. P.V.’d  (formerly Droll Troll), Yonkers, NY

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