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Ford Ranger 1998 Problems!

Hi all:

I have a Ford Ranger 1998 and for the last year, I have been having an
intermittent problem starting it. Normaly, the truck would start just
fine, but after sitting for a while, it would really hesitate to start.
I replaced the battery twice and then I realized that the problem was
not related to the battery, but possibly fuel pressure. The truck ran
Ok for the last year, but last week, it just completely died, and
although I can get it started, as soon as I step on the gas, the engine
dies. Although you can start it and drive it for a few minutes, it
feels almost as if  the engine is trying to shut down, and it takes a
lot of "fighting" with the engine to keep it going but eventually the
truck dies after 5 minutes. When I am able to keep it going for a
while, I  hear pops from the engine, which made me believe that maybe I
needed some new spark plugs, but I am almost convinced that the problem
is not spark plugs but the fuel pump. I took it in today and the guy
told me that there is no fuel pressure and that I needed a new fuel
pump, and fuel filter among other things..his estimate was 990 dollars
just for the fuel system and an additional 300 dollars for additional
repairs..I find this awfully expensive but I have no idea how much fuel
system parts really his diagnosis consistent with the
problems I am having? Is his estimate realistic..or should I take it

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