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Air Conditioner Problem on 99 Suburban

Have replaced the ac compressor, pulled vacuum and recharged.  Still
not cooling below 60 degrees. Used to cool down to 45 at the vents.  So
wondering about the possiblility that the out side air is filtering in.
Wondered if the door to the out side air is not closing completely.

Have two questions about this.  Can I see and get to that door from the
grill by the windshield wipers.  Is there some filter also in that area
that needs to be changed?
I got a response from one other site about the box that contains the
coil under the dash but when I went for a follow up they said he had
maxed out his answers and could not answer more.

He said the box had to be removed in one unit. It has a couple of
screws there and I took them out but could not open the box.  Any one
know if I can take the hoses off and unbold this box from under the
dash to see the door that lets in the out side air.

ANY AND ALL HELP APPRECIATED.  You can email me pershonally at

THANKS AL in TX it was 105 yesterday. Need to get this fixed

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