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95 Toyota Camry AM2 fuse blew due to suppression capacitor in distributor

Hi guys,

95 Toyota Camy
4 cyl

I had no spark,  no check engine light.

The distributor did turn, the timing belt was good.

The AM2 fuse was blown,  I replaced it, it blew immediatly on ignition

I Googled around and found the most likely cause for an AM2 fuse to
blow is a shorted suppression capacitor on the feed to the coil inside
the distributor.

I removed the 2 pin connector to the distributor that feeds the coil,
put in a new fuse, fuse did not blow.

Used an Ohm meter and verifed that there was a short to ground in the
distributor.  Removed distributor clipped the wire to the capacitor
and verifed the capacitor was shorted.    I installed a new 0.1uF 200V
capacitor from the coil + to gound, put it all back together and
everything is fine.

My thanks  to all who  helped!!!!!!

Much thanks for the links to the on-line manuals, I had the condenesd
manual but the online manuals have more detail …thank you!!!!

And it would have taken me a longer time to narrow the short down to
the cap (I was ready to chase after the injectors…)  except for the
fact that the distributor suppression capacitor was all over Google as
the cause for an AM2 fuse to blow…so I appreciate it when people
post their experiences which is why I am adding my expeirence to the

thanks again!


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