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4 cyl Mystique-fails to rev over 2000rpm

idle smooth but hard start need to pump.  unable to drive to Autozone
to scan. No money for tow.
Fuel filter changed. Fuel pressure regulator changed. 30 psi at fuel
rail. (approx) Acts as if it is not getting enough gas. Originally
want to check injectors-but now wonder if tps. Please help
The car started losing power after warming up on freeway then
magically would be o.k. then 1 week later it would barley make it home-
power would come and go on a 3 mile trip home after getting off
freeway. Parked it and it idled greal and sm,ooth. Since it ran I
started with fuel. Forgot to remove gas cap thoug to check it. Checked
for vac leaks -zero.

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oil changed

I just got the oil changed on my BMW 328is at Sears, but it still
says it needs "Oil Service" every time I turn it on.  Any ideas?

I bought it used, and it had no manual.

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Mazda Mystery Bolt Solved

Go to and look for "Mazda Mystery Solved".

Pictures at 11….

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1988 Regal Radio Module? (amp)

where would one fine a replacement Module AMP)  for this Radio part on
an 88 regal ??  Mine is shorting out  trying to replace it…

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Part 3: Troubleshooting overheating prob


Well, I think we might be close to the problem. To refresh everyone’s
memory: the overheating (1995 Z28) came on suddenly. I did the
following in an attempt to remedy the issue (listed in order of
* Replaced thermostat with a Stant SuperStat heavy duty unit
* Replaced radiator cap and flushed system, using Delco-spec
* Replaced water pump with brand new AC Delco unit

After these replacements, I would start the car and upon warm-up, the
temp gauge would continue to climb into the red.  As a reminder, this
water pump is shaft-driven from a gear off in the timing cover. Look
… and here ……

OK, fast forward to today. I took the thermostat housing off and
removed the thermostat and had my son start the car up while I took a
Watch here:

Without stating what my opinion might be, I’d like to see what all the
experts have to say.

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93 Acclaim diagrams?

Anyone have diagrams and such for a 1993 Acclaim? I have an Acclaim whose
title says it’s a 1994, but I found out it doesn’t have a 1994 transaxle
and now I find it doesn’t have 1994 fuel system wiring. Specifically,
the fuel pump and level sender aren’t on the rear of the tank as the book
says, and the fuel pump relay isn’t on the shock tower next to two other
relays (there are only two there, no third for fuel pump).

At 135,000 I suspect the fuel pump, but I’ll be damned if I’ll blindly
replace it without making sure.

Any tips for dealing with their rusty old "quick disconnects" on the fuel

          If you really believe carbon dioxide causes global warming,
                          you should stop exhaling.

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I bought a used car, and I can’t seem to unscrew one of the screws
in the back license plate holder.  The screw turns around, but it
never comes closer to coming out.  Any ideas?

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Best Auto Repair Software / OBDII Code DB

Best Auto Repair Software / OBDII Code DB
Autotree Pro Ver. 1.45 is a 32 Bit ( WIN95-XP) software Application
for automotive diagnostics. The program written in a Tree format to
make systematic and quick diagnostic checks a breeze, organized by
area (Engine, Transmission, Electrical, Fuel, Emission, body, Clutch,
Etc. ) Just click on the area of interest, then the problem and get
instant repair suggestions to all your problems, covers all the major
areas of car repair. (Engine, Fuel, Ignition,  Emission, Drive train,
Transmission, Brakes, Clutch, Body, Interior, maintenance, Etc.) THIS
VEHICLES FOR OVER 100  SYMPTOMS. Great for Repair Shops and the
Average Buyer as well. Buyers get free upgrades.
Program may be downloaded after purchase. (Paypal)

   Also includes an extensive 50,000 error code database for all
computer controlled systems,  Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Codes
(Engine/Transmission), Engine Control Module (ECM) Codes* Powertrain
(P) Trouble Codes, Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Codes , Antilock
Brake System (ABS) Codes , Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR)
Codes , Air Conditioning Programmer (ACP) Codes, Traction Control
System (TCS) Codes , Body Control Module (BCM) Codes, and Road Sensing
Suspension (RSS) Codes

    In addition to a fast easy to use treelike structure, any section
that requires such will refer  you to a notes section for a more
detailed description of what to look for and how to fix it (Scroll
able text boxes). The software also has many new engine emission
checks ( How to read Engine CPU/ECU LED error codes which make complex
electrical and emission problems easy to understand and detect which
component has failed, ( Ford,  Chrysler, GM codes ).

   Many of the other Options it has include a repair Database (for
note taking during repairs), A Mileage Calculator and record keeper
(12 month), with charting Graphs (to compare mileage (before/after
tune ups or to watch for the need of a tune up)), or to track tire
wear,  blue book value changes or anything else you might want to use
it for. A Maintenance Database for the date/Milage of the Last tune-
up, oil change, Trans service, New Tires, Brake Work, Hose/Belt
Inspection, Diff. Service., wheel bearing pack, Cooling system Service
and more. Plus Popup Scroll Text Boxes for : Notes (Extended or
Complex Repair Info.), Another sections tells what  Spares to Carry on
long Trips, how to buy a good used car,  and abbreviations used in the
software. A year charting function to chart any values that change by
year (Car depreciation, tire wear, etc.) And much more. Program also
has pulldown menus with Emission codes for ECU/CPU checking for Ford,
Chrysler and GM.

   Written by a Programmer that was a journeymen mechanic himself for
over 15 years (myself, With lots of on the job tricks of the trade
understood). This program gets right to the point and does it fast
with a very easy to understand interface. Buyers may also Email me
(Email Form built into the application) for any non covered problems
they have and I research it ( I have around 30 chilton manuals for
such) and answer you right away as well as include this additional
info in the next upgrade release provided FREE.

Paypal Accepted, Download Link Sent right after payment is made.

Keyword list (Title) : car auto vehicle repair fix truck engine motor
cd software program application
Best Title :Auto Repair car vehicle CD Software
website at

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Naples is burning

Please, dear Mr Bush: we don’t have weapons of destruction mass, but
bomb my people and save us.
Please, dear old friend Vesuvio: wake up and save us.
Please, dear Jesus Christ: give us the Big One and save us…

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