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My car runs rough when I turn on the ac… why?

I have an old 91 Toyota Camry with a V6 engine.  It is a great running
car except for a recent problem.  I am finding that when I have the ac
on, it runs very rough in idle.  When I cut the ac off, it runs just
fine.  Is this because it is overcharged??  Any other possibility?

Thanks,  Al Kondo

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Steering systems

Can anyone tell me what kind of steering system they use on very long
cars where
the driver is far from the front wheels and using a very long steering
column is inappropriate ???

like that used in a dragster or in Jay Leno’s Blastolene…

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Autozone and tool rental

I’ve seen people here say that Autozone rents vacuum pumps (the type for
pumping down A/C). What’s the magic incantation to get one? I stopped by
a store the other day and the counter guy tried everything possible on
the computer, but couldn’t find whatever he might have needed to find or
rent a pump.

"Liberals used to be the ones who argued that sending U.S. troops abroad
was a small price to pay to stop genocide; now they argue that genocide
is a small price to pay to bring U.S. troops home."
  — Jonah Goldberg

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Defective Wear Tab on Brake Pad ??

   I had the car in for state inspection yesterday. The metal wear
indicator tab is about to contact the brake rotor, indicating it’s
time to replace the pads.

   Problem is, the pads are still at least an eigth of an inch thick.
The rivets only come out about 1/32 inch into the pad right ??

  Why would the wear tab be positioned like it is?    Can I bend it
easily with a pliers ?

  It would be a shame to waste so much good brake pad.


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Celica radio vs. ABS computer

Who has some ideas before I REALLY dig in on my kid’s car.

1995 Celica in good condition with low-average miles. Recently the ABS
check light started coming on, seemingly at random, with a variety of
codes such as:
   Right Front wheel speed.
   Right Front sensor damaged.
   Right Rear wheel speed.
   Stop Light Circuit.
Pulled the right front wheel and checked cabling. Visually OK.
The other day the ABS light went OUT for a while and the brakes went
into ABS mode during normal, conservative driving.

This seems to happen only when the radio is on. It has a sub-wolfer
that was professionally installed a year ago.

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Magic rear drum removal technique? (Cavalier)

(’99 Cavalier, emergency brake doesn’t hold (req’d for NYS inspection).
Backing up to stroke the adjuster doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.)

The drums are really rusted (?) onto the hubs.  The best method I’ve
found is to apply major heat and rap it with a hammer.  Over and over
and over.  Well, and swear at it.  Is there a better way?  How do they
do these in a shop?

On more or less the same subject, is there anything I could put on the
mating surfaces so it doesn’t freeze up in the future?  I was thinking
maybe graphite, or anti-seize, or magic dust.

(Even the wheel is a PITA to get off, without heat.  Sometimes, it seems
like GM must have a guy who job is to make their cars hard to work on.)


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Storing vehicles for the Winter – Winterize!

We recently moved to NE Washington from Florida and the idea of
winterizing a car is something new to us.  We plan to escape the
winter by heading to Baja with our truck camper.  We’ll be leaving
behind a small car and maybe a motorhome (if it doesn’t sell by
then).  I’ve been searching the web for information on winterizing
cars and have gotten conflicting information especially in regards to
the battery.  Do I need to remove batteries or can I leave them on
(maybe disconnected).  We do have a battery charger but we’ll have
more batteries (one in the car, in the RV and 2 extra RV deep cycle
batteries) than it would handle.  The weather here can hit 20 below or
maybe even a little colder (although it’s been getting warmer every
winter).  As hubby is disabled, I’ll be in charge of winterizing and
I’m not really looking forward to lugging all these batteries to our
basement.  Vehicles will be sitting outside on dirt driveway.

Also….which is best….getting an oil change before storing them for
the winter or when we return and why?

Appreciate suggestions.  Thanks!


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Lucas Fuel Treatment?

Anyone try this stuff?…

People at Autozone think it good for cleaning fuel
injection system, etc

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Turning Signal and Hazzard Lights Problem

I own a 96 Taurus GL. Lately I’ve had problems with my tuning signals
and hazzard lights. They do not turn on and make a buzzing soung
whenever I attempt to turn them on. What could this problem be and how
can I fix it?

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Kumho KH16 tire – any good?


Anybody out there care to rate the Kuhmo Solus KH16?

I got a price of $75 mounted, balanced etc. out the door price.

Is it a decent tire and is the price right?



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