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2000 Neon

When i come to a stop my idle has been dropping down to around 500-550
rpm (lower than it used to be)..every once in a while it almost
dies…now if i barely tape the throttle the idle returns to what i
call normal 700-800 rpm…..I am leaning toward the IAC but want to do
a thorough troubleshoot,I have the factory service manual but i cannot
find any troubleshooting section for the fuel sys.
   Can the IAC be cleaned?….any help would be appreciated, jp

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1999 wrangler break down

Driving today in 1999 jeep wrangler 2.5 litre with about 3,000 miles
on a new engine and it just shut off.  It didnt sputter or anything
and just went to 0 RPM.  It will not start back up and i’m just
wondering what are some ideas I should look into before calling a tow
truck and opening my wallet.

Thanks for any help,

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Unusual emissions problem…. High NOx and O2

I recently failed my state emissions test.  I drive a 91 Toyota Camry
with 190k miles.  Here are my results

                                  High Speed (25mph)

Pollutant                Standard               Current
Reading            Result

HC (ppm)                  123
26                         Pass
CO (%)                      .69                          .
13                         Pass
CO2 (% )                                                 14.6
O2 (%)                                                     19.7
NOx (ppm)                 878
1093                       Fail

                                  Low Speed (15 mph)

HC (ppm)                  128
127                        Pass
CO (%)                      ,71                           .
31                        Pass
CO2 (%)                                                   14.4
O2 (%)                                                      20.4
NOx (ppm)                970
947                        Pass

As you can see from the results, I failed on the NOx and was very
close to failing on HC at low speeds.  What particularly puzzled me
was the high O2 readings.   I looked at the results of my tests for
the past 5 years and I have never had an O2 reading over 1%.   What is
going on here?   Was it a malfunction of the test??

I should also mention that before taking the test I did all of the
usual things to prepare for the test:

1. spark plugs have less than 2 k miles on them
2. changed oil and filter
3. changed air filter
4. checked spark plug wires and distributor cap for leaks
5. checked egr valve for proper functioning
6. checked compression. 170 – 175 psi on all cylinders.
7. drove the car for 15 minutes on freeway.  Left the car idling
before test.

I would appreciate a few thoughts about this problem.  Thanks.

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what are the most common causes of A/C problems?

  The A/C on my Mazda protege works, but I have a feeling its not cold
enough. What could be wrong? can I fix it myself? how much it costs?

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Clicking noise

I have a 1997 Pontiac Firebird manual drive V6. I have just started to
hear a clicking noise under the car. Any advice or similar problems
that anyone has a solution to? Thanks!

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2000 Bravada question about changing locking rear axle oil

I have a 2000 Bravada that has the "hopping" problem during slow speed
turns such as parking lots, etc. The transfer case fluid has been
changed twice in 2.5 years, the last time being a year ago using the
recommended GM fluid. The hopping has gotten worse and a GM dealer
told me since I have a locking differential that I should probably
change the rear differential oil as well. The owners manual says to
only use GM axle lubricant, PN.1052271. There is no description of
what that lubricant is. They also give the same part number for the
front axle lubricant which is a standard differential  and call it
"SAE 80W90 ". When I called the dealer they tell me that my book is
wrong and that I need this special SAE 75W90 oil at about 29.00 a
quart. Now if someone could please answer six questions for me /i
would be extremely grateful:
1. What is the correct oil for this axle?
2. How much do I need for a complete drain and refill?
3. Is there a drain plug on these axles or is there a plate on the
rear of the carrier that has to come off?
4. How likely is it that a rear differential oil change may cure my
problem ?
5. If this is my problem what is actually happening in the
differential to cause this?
6. How much damage typically occurs from driving a car with this type
of symptom for any length of time and what will we notice?
Thanks very much for any advice. Lenny Stein.

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Starting an abandoned car?

We have an abandoned car in our driveway.  It actually belongs to our son,
who had a minor wreck several years ago, and didn’t drive it much after
that.  It probably hasn’t been started in a year.  The last time I tried, it
would crank (with jumper cables) but would not fire.

It is a 95 Infiniti J30, V6, fuel-injection.  It has about 2 gal of gas in
the tank.

Could the gas be bad?  Should I just add fresh gas, or is there an additive
I should put in?  Any other suggestions?


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Intake Manifold/O2 Sensor

The dealership replaced my intake manifold.  After I drove about 10
miles, the Check Engine light came on and the dealership says the O2
sensor has gone bad.

I drive a Mazdaspeed Protege (2.0L Turbo).  It has 64,000 miles, but
it seems suspicious like it’s more than just a coincidence.

What are the chances that the dealership’s work on the intake manifold
caused or contributed to the problem with the sensor?

I appreciate any advice I can get.


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Throw some d's

Can you put some 20′s on a 2000 ford taurus sel?

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