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Engine Transplant Recommendation

I bought my first non-GM car in more than twenty years yesterday. It is a
1985 Mercedes 230 CE which is a gray market car here in the US. The body and
interior are in very nice shape but the engine is shot due to a timing chain
problem that bent valves and probably damaged the pistons.

Instead of the expense of rebuilding this engine, I am thinking of putting
in a
GM V-6.

It looks like that there is plenty of room to it mount in place of the
original straight four.

What engine, transmission combination from what vehicle would you recommend?
Keep in mind that this is a rear wheel drive car. I’ll be looking at
auctions to find a wrecked car so that I can get all the electronics too.


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67 Camaro Pitman Arm NUT SIZE?

Changing a 67 Camaro from manual steering to power steering.

My question: is the big nut that holds the pitman arm onto the power
steering gear box the same size as the nut holding the pitman arm onto
a manual steering gear box?

The nut from the manual gear box feels like it wants to start onto the
power steering gear box but then stops and I do not want to force it
on and strip threads.

Any input appreciated.


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mazda mpv 98 cabin air microfilter

does anyone know if a mazda mpv 1998 has/uses a cabin air filter, normally
located behind the glove box on passenger side?

tried searching online parts shops and could not find any

I did locate one for my 05 nissan at…

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Intrepid "reverse incorrect ratio" code

Replaced the solenoid pack and MLVPS sensor to correct P0700. Now
getting this code P0736. What does this mean?

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A/C recharge question

Chevy S-10 ’97 6 cylinder extended cab

I need to know how to do the following regarding the air conditioner:

"If the clutch cycles off, you can pull the low-pressure cycling switch plug
from the accumulator and attach a jumper wire."  My A/C compressor will not
run so I know it’s low on Freon. I have to refill every season. Never done
it myself.

Is the silver cylinder the accumulator?

For a jumper wire, do I just use any electrical wire?

Where does the wire go from and to?

Thanks,  Gary

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S10 wiring diagram

I have the shop manuals for my 1996 S10. two blue manuals about the size
of small phone books

I am trying to help a friend with a problem on a 1996 1 ton tow truck.
It blows the tail light fuse when the high beams are put on.
Seems to be the multi function switch.

I went to may manuals to look for the wiring, but my two shop manuals
don’t seem to have these wiring diagrams in them.

Where can i find the wiring diagrams?
What manuals are they in?


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Trouble restarting after driving awhile…

I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee, and I seem to have a problem with this
vehicle once I drive it twenty miles or more.  After turning the car
off and trying to restart it, it has a delay of one to fifteen minutes
(depending on the distance driven).  The longer the distance, the
longer it seems to delay restarting. It also seems the warmer the
vehicle gets, the longer the delay.  My opinion was that it was
possibly a heat related problem so I replaced the starter, wrapped the
exhaust pipe and converter to keep the heat from the starter, and I
have cleaned the battery cables (It has a new battery also).  I still
have the problem.

When I try to turn the ignition on, sometimes the dash lights will
turn on and other times they don’t.  This only happens when the
vehicle is warmed up.  Has anyone ever had a problem like this or any

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Honda Civic – ignition failure?

Honda civic 1.5 sli Auto. 1990.
Generally brilliant car – 100,000 miles and regularly serviced.

A week after las service I was travelling on a motorway at around 70
mph on a clear day.
Flicked the indicator switch to turn left and heard a pop sound –
seemed to be infront of me but am not sure if  it was in the car or
under the bonnet.
Anyway, then effectively the ignition totally failed – all dials wnet
to ‘zero’ and all power stopped, althogh I was able to put on hazard
Managed to pull over an dcall breakdown people. However after about 10
minutes it started OK and was fine.
The Breakdown people could not find a fault. It went into the garage
next day and they could not find a fault. All fuses and wiring appears
100% ok.

Anyone have any ideas?

Is there any switch to turn everything off in an accident (to prevent
fire) or something similar.

Car has been beuatifully OK ever since but I would like to trak down
the fault as it presented a dangerous situation for me and others.


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Automakers Lengthen Oil Change Intervals

Most major automakers agree: The adage that you should change your
car’s oil every 3,000 miles is outdated, and even 5,000 miles may be
too often, The Associated Press reported.

Ford Motor Co. became the latest manufacturer to extend its oil life
guidelines, making public that it is raising the recommended oil
change interval from 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles on its newly
redesigned 2007 models and all subsequent redesigned or new models, AP

The company, like many other manufacturers, said last week that higher
oil quality standards and new engine designs were responsible for the
change, which affects vehicles driven under normal conditions. L&MT

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