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Jag XK8 brake release cable repair

I have an 01 Jaguar XK8 that the brake release cable is disconnected
or broke.  Does anyone know how to repair this?  Can someone tell me
how to remove the door sill plate so I can get to the handle mechanism
to inspect?

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Engine Light

I want to know if you take the battery cable off will that reset the
computer and if so what cable positive or negative  and how long would
you leave it off thanks

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Jeep tail light

     I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee and for months the left tail
light would not work whenever I would turn on the head lights and step
on the brake pedal. I also noticed that the left tail light was not as
bright as the right tail light. I checked all the fuses and replaced
the left bulb with new ones and still had the same problem.

     Finally, I took the fitting where the bulb is screwed into and
cleaned the three brass connections where this fitting makes contact
with the tail light housing. On the tail light housing there’s three
small silver plates where the bulb fitting makes contact. The plastic
around one of them was slightly coming apart and this was causing it
not to make contact with one of the brass connections. I simply got a
knife and lifted the silver plate just a bit so it would make full
contact with the brass connection. Now my tail light is working fine.
Good luck!

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Lincoln air susp. Thanks

Many thanks to those who offered advice & suggestions. The new rear air
struts from Arnott are here, I’ll have a go at installing them this

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Pulled Fuel Pump Relay and Car Kept Running?

I was planning on changing the fuel filter in my 95 Grand Prix GTP
(3.4L). As per recommended instructions, I wanted to bleed the fuel
lines by shutting off the fuel pump and running the car to
depressurize the lines. So I pulled the fuel pump relay, started the
car, but it just kept running. I assumed it would run for maybe 10
seconds or so, but I ran it for 10 minutes and it kept on going.
Before anyone asks, I did pull the right relay according to the label
on the cover and the user manual. Has this happened to anyone else
before? Is there any reason the fuel pressure switch would keep the
pump running even though the relay is pulled?

I just find it rather strange and I’d love for someone to explain to
me why this would happen.

Thanks in advance.


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fuel pump auto shutoff switch

Hi there,

I am not very mechanical but I think i inadvertanly shut off my fuel
pump. I do not have my use guide. Where is my auto shutoff switch for
a 1992 Lincoln Towncar? It cranks, but it seems I am not getting any



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Bad alternator on Viper?

2000 Dodge Viper – the battery was replaced two years ago.

I leave the car in the garage for weeks on end before driving it with
the alarm off.  Every now and then, I need to jump start it to get it
going.  Today, I jump started and it took a while for the engine to
turn.  When it did, it didn’t hold the charge, even after blipping the
throttle for about a minute.

The lights are dim in the cockpit, so these symptoms point to a bad
alternator.  However, the car only has 6,000 miles.  Does this make
sense with the alternator, or could it be a battery problem?



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97 venture brake light problem

trying to determine what causes the  brake, turnsignals  hazards to
go  haywire when you turn a signal on ,   hit the brakes,  put the
hazards on   ??  lights on the dash  start flashing   clock radio
flashes  when turn signals or hazards are   turned on      proble is
the symptons change each time    i  dont know where to look or start
to  find a solutution     any suggestions   Robo

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1995 vw passat wagon

Where is are the two electric ports for the Code Scanner Reader that I
have for the check engine lights ?
The dash is well constructed and the port is not visible like an
american car !

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