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1987 Mazda B2200 backfires thru exhaust

I have a 1987 Mazda b2200 truck 4 cyl 2.2 5 speed.It recently started
Thur the exhaust.I read that it could be a few things but did a search
of and
found that it could be a few things.1. dash pot found it on carburetor
seems to
push in  and pop out OK read that it should push in slowly and pop out
seems to do just that.2.Timing I don’t have a timing light but I did
adjust the
timing I marked the timing for reference then advanced and retarded
timing test drove
didn’t stop the backfire problem reset to original position.3.I took
out PVC
valve and shook it sounds OK but don’t know how accurate that test was
way it was on the list of possibilities but was a unlikely one.4. the
is broken back by the front of the muffler could this cause this
problem or was
it a result of problem?5.Looked over vacuum lines seem to be OK
there’s lots of
them but didn’t see any obvious leaks.This truck runs pretty good
otherwise but
when I back off the gas it backfires threw the exhaust more so at hi
around 60 but at low speeds also at times.Any Ideas common problem
with these
?Thanks in Advance

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Best auto repair and OBDII software

Best aute diagnostics Plus OBDII Error Code Database
Autotree Pro Ver. 1.45 is a 32 Bit ( WIN95-XP) software Application
for automotive diagnostics. The program written in a Tree format to
make systematic and quick diagnostic checks a breeze, organized by
area (Engine, Transmission, Electrical, Fuel, Emission, body, Clutch,
Etc. ) Just click on the area of interest, then the problem and get
instant repair suggestions to all your problems, covers all the major
areas of car repair. (Engine, Fuel, Ignition,  Emission, Drive train,
Transmission, Brakes, Clutch, Body, Interior, maintenance, Etc.) THIS
VEHICLES FOR OVER 100  SYMPTOMS. Great for Repair Shops and the
Average Buyer as well. Buyers get free upgrades.
Program may be downloaded after purchase. (Paypal)

   Also includes an exstensive 50,000 error code database for all
computer controlled systems,  Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Codes
(Engine/Transmission), Engine Control Module (ECM) Codes* Powertrain
(P) Trouble Codes, Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Codes , Antilock
Brake System (ABS) Codes , Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR)
Codes , Air Conditioning Programer (ACP) Codes, Traction Control
System (TCS) Codes , Body Control Module (BCM) Codes, and Road Sensing
Suspension (RSS) Codes

    In addition to a fast easy to use treelike structure, any section
that requires such will refer  you to a notes section for a more
detailed description of what to look for and how to fix it (Scroll
able text boxes). The software also has many new engine emission
checks ( How to read Engine CPU/ECU LED error codes which make complex
electrical and emission problems easy to understand and detect which
component has failed, ( Ford,  Chrysler, GM codes ).

   Many of the other Options it has include a repair Database (for
note taking during repairs), A Mileage Calculator and record keeper
(12 month), with charting Graphs (to compare mileage (before/after
tune ups or to watch for the need of a tune up)), or to track tire
wear,  blue book value changes or anything else you might want to use
it for. A Maintenance Database for the date/Milage of the Last tune-
up, oil change, Trans service, New Tires, Brake Work, Hose/Belt
Inspection, Diff. Service., wheel bearing pack, Cooling system Service
and more. Plus Popup Scroll Text Boxes for : Notes (Extended or
Complex Repair Info.), Another sections tells what  Spares to Carry on
long Trips, how to buy a good used car,  and abbreviations used in the
software. A year charting function to chart any values that change by
year (Car depreciation, tire wear, etc.) And much more. Program also
has pulldown menus with Emission codes for ECU/CPU checking for Ford,
Chrysler and GM.

   Written by a Programmer that was a journeymen mechanic himself for
over 15 years (myself, With lots of on the job tricks of the trade
understood). This program gets right to the point and does it fast
with a very easy to understand interface. Buyers may also Email me
(Email Form built into the application) for any non covered problems
they have and I research it ( I have around 30 chilton manuals for
such) and answer you right away as well as include this additional
info in the next upgrade release provided FREE.

Keyword list (Title) : car auto vehicle repair fix truck engine motor
cd software program application
Best Title :Auto Repair car vehicle CD Software
website at

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1992 ford van

 In need of assistance my 351 has very high emission readings on hc
and co nox is good have changed temp snsor  and o2 sensor run the scan
and  it reports code 173 running rich bank 1 does anyone know what
will cause this to run rich  it is port injected new plugs and wires
complete tune up has been done ,the o2 snesor is located before the
cat need some direction  thanks to all who help toby

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Sold my vette. Need help as to a good sports or luxure car under $20k

Wha is a good clasy or sport car under 20k?

My love of cars brings me here,

Love, the Car Guy  (Where there’s no such word as
DECLINED!)   (Legal ways to bring the bank to thier knees to
give you the loan YOU want!)

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Check Engine Light Keeps Coming on and going off

My 1996 Chevy pickup with 5.7 motor, 157k miles.  The check engine light
keeps coming on and kind of appears to go out when I fill the gas tank and
run it through 2 warm up cycles.  Last time it came on was right after
filling with gas and adding 2 bottles of Techtron.  Drove about 300 miles
with light on, had to fill up to get to work (light stayed on).  While
driving to Autozone, dang light went out again.

I did check it a couple of months ago and there were 2 codes said "right
bank rich" and "left bank rich".  Cleaned MAF sensor (first time in 157K
miles) and it appeared to be fixed but did come back on a few days ago….

Any advice on what would cause this?  My cousin has exact same truck and has
same symptoms.  He changed MAF but didn’t help.


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Starting problems on a 91 2.5l olds help please

I have a 91 2.5l olds couple times in the last month after coming out
on a cold engine the car wouldn’t start. I would crank it for 5-10
minutes and it would just backfire a couple times. It smelled flooded,
I would wait couple minutes each time i tried to crank it.(to help if
it was flooded)  Then after 10ish mins the engine would start and run
little off for 10-20 seconds then idle back to normal and drive

Other then the times it does this, it starts easy and runs good. It
does have a knock to the engine im guessing the timing chain? but most
4cyl engines with 100k seam to sounds like this.(atleast ones i seen)
The engine did have spark and had fuel to the carb.But i was hard to
tell because it started up not long after that point.

What could my problem be ? Crank sensor?(does it have one i couldn’t
find it?) Computer going out?

I really don’t know what to do without just putting ton of money into
it replacing everything.

Thank you for the help.

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mitsubishi engine in cavalier guy with question

how hard do you think it would be to bag the mitsubishi 2.0L in the
cavalier and try a cady northstar engine instead as it is the most HP
per ci v8 that I thought might fit. if you think this is a better
idealet me know. if so how on earth am I going to put a manuel in this

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OE in cars, MOST – OIDA's Consumer Applications Forum April 3-4, 2007

Plan to attend OIDA’s latest forum: Optoelectronics and Photonics
Applications for Consumers

Dates: April 3-4, 2007
Location: Doubletree Hotel San Jose, San Jose, CA

Contact: David Iams, OIDA
Phone: 202-785-4426
E-mail: i…

Optoelectronics has a crucial role to play in consumer applications.
Until recently, except for displays, the price and/or performance has
limited the roles to certain storage and indicator applications. New
developments in solar, visible LEDs and lasers, optically driven
bioanalysis, and image sensors have opened up a raft of new
applications in fields such as automotive, mobile computing, human
interface devices, lighting, entertainment, and healthcare. A
combination of marketing insight, academic research, and product
development is needed to exploit the opportunities available in these
This two-day forum is for strategic personnel in marketing, business
development, and engineering, in companies which produce
optoelectronics products and are looking to move into consumer
applications. OIDA will bring together marketing and technical experts
in each field to provide their insights and views and to interact with
the audience in panels to discuss new applications and opportunities.
Companies presenting at the forum include Sony, GM, TI, and Sprint.

This is a uniquely-focused forum you won’t want to miss! Join us for
OIDA’s first ever Optoelectronics in Consumer Applications forum.

What topics will be covered?

Digital Appliances – including CMOS imaging and digital input devices
Displays and Solid-State Lighting – display technologies and SSL
applications in cars, computers, and homes.
Automotive – OE in cars, overview of MOST
Energy – solar and alternative energies
Healthcare and Environment – including biotechnology and rapid

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Glowing Headers on a Chevy 400 small block

I have an ’84 Sierra with a 400 small block in it.  Its from a ’72 so
its low compression, but I am having problems with glowing headers.  I
just very recently took the intake off to fix a leaking rear gasket so
I put the distributor back in but I put it in exactly where it was
before.  I had it marked but who knows.  Anyways, I have this problem
so I need some help.  It seems to run good especially with hightest
but I usually only need regular 87 since it runs fine.  I am just
mentioning some details about gas and what I have done so you know
incase it matters.  Also has cats for some reason (whoever built the
truck put them on…kinda pointless) but I cannot imagine both of them
going bad and being plugged up at the same time.  One more thing is
that this truck is set up for EGR but there isn’t one!  The guy put a
plate over it on the intake so there is that issue too.  The valve
covers do not have a PCV either, just a breather on each cover.

I need to fix it asap in the parking lot of my apartment before
Saturday (March 10) if I can!  I am headed home on break and a
wedding; so any quick suggestions before I have to take it to a
garage!  I do not have a timin light on me so thats why I am here to
ask for some backyard advise.  Thanks a lot for the help.

-Buddy Lyman

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Wiring Diagram Oldsmobile Calais or Cutlass '82

Going to the steering column of an ’82 Oldsmobile Calais (probably the
same as a Cutlass) there is a wiring bundle with the colors:


Which wires go to the ignition switch?
A wiring diagram would be helpful.

I’m trying to start the car, and the ignition switch itself is

   (||)   Nehmo   (||)

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