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1988 mercury sable wont start

my sable has a 3.0 v6. ihave spark, 90psi compression at each
cylinder, and 40psi fuel pressure at the schrader valve. rotor points
to #1 position when #1 cylinder is at tdc on compression stroke."dist.
has never been out of car."i got two codes on reader, air charge temp
sensor out of range and ect coolant temp sensor out of range.spark
looked yellowish so i put new coil, plugs, dist cap, and rotor on.
spark is bright blue and snappy. replaced both sensors i had error
codes on and fuel regulator just in case. only get code 11 system pass
now. this car would not restart when out on erand. it doesnt even try
to pop. i put gas directly into cylinder and no pop. i thought it
might be flooding so i lit all cylinders and they all flamed out so it
is getting fuel i assume.almost have all my hair torn out please help
before im bald!

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Help with spot painting

 recent purchased a 76 mg midget and the previous owner has placed
some sort of industrial strength tape over a couple of small sections
on the door panels (4" square) and the lip of the hood. It seems like
it was an attempt to cover up areas where the original paint was
strached up rather than covering rust. I would like to peel the tape
off and paint the areas but I have no experience painting a car. I was
planning on simply removing the tape and old paint with one of those
metal brush/drill attachments and then purchase some auto touch-up
paint and clear coat on-line. Any thoughts or good sources of info on
how to do this. Thanks, Doug

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power steering, which fluid?

Most places put Mercon/dextron in the power steering pump.  It is red in
color. But you can also buy power steering fluid which is clear.
If the only difference is color why doesn’t the transmission fluid
bottles say can be used in power steering also?  
If they are 100% the same why hasnt some company labeled it as for use
in transmissions and power steering?

My 1987 town car  had ps pump replaced, the fluid was clear but had a
green tint to it.  What does the green color mean?  If i had red
transmission fluid in it you could not detect the color like with clear
ps fluid.

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The Best and The Most Expensive Cars

The Best and The Most Expensive Cars

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Accord Brake & Transmission Fluid ?


My son has a 6 cyl 2005 Honda Accord.
Has 28,000 miles on it.

He brought it in to the Honda Dealership for an oil change, and they told
him that the
Brake Fluid, and also the Transmission Fluid, was "dark and dirty", and both
should be replaced next time he comes in for an oil change (probably after
another 7,500 miles)

I have always felt that this Dealership has a tendency to "milk" maintenance

Do the two fluid problems they mentioned sound reasonable after only 28K ?

If so, what might be the causes of ?

BTW: just a thought here, but how could they even see the brake fluid
without bleeding the lines ?
Can one tell from the fluid in the reservoir ?


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Just a Question about power steering

I needed to do something about a power steering leak in a 2001
chrysler minivan.

I Put it on ramps in the garage and finally tracked the leak down to a
cracked rubber hose (return I think since they did not have metal
fittings on the ends) that went to a little cooler it seemed like on
the bottom of the frame. Got some new hose and yanked enough  things
off the frame to be able to get two new ones I cut back on with hose
clamps.  It seems ok now.

But my question is – is that little thing really a cooler? It seemed
like as it had fins, but it was awfully small, and for a PS pump?

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Suggestions for practical "kill switch" installation in a newerToyota SUV ?

Suggestions for practical "kill switch" in install in 2006 Toyota
4runner ?

Back when I was working so hard to have my Mom not be driving (at 88
years and no valid drivers license for a year) – I received
suggestions to install a simple (or even not so simple) "kill switch"

Obviously, I could disconnect a fuse or electrical relay under the
hood, but there might be an easier way to have something out of the
usual installed inside the passenger area.

The 2006 Toyota 4runner does require that one use a factory ignition
key to start the car, but I would not be surprised if thieves have

Also, significantly, I would not want to totally kill the power /
battery every time I stop in an undesirable area. I expect that I
would have to reset some system elements as one would have to do after
changing the battery.

Anyway, it might be the case that the neighborhood mechanic could put
in a kill switch in a location which is not assumed by or already
mastered by thieves.

Suggestions – workable ?


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Chevy Astro losing coolant

Hi Group, I’m looking for opinions and perhaps a little previous
I’m dealing with a 2000 Chevy Astro with the 4.3 litre V-6, automatic AWD
and about 160K miles on her. Just the other day, I noticed that it had run
low enough on coolant to stop providing heat to the cabin, and the temp
climbed up to about 200 degrees (F). I refilled the radiator right away,
but found the same situation about 400 miles later. Further investigation
showed no visible leaks that I can find, and I think the oil may be
emulsified. I have also noticed a rise in oil pressure – not much, but
running around 50 psi at 65 MPH when typical was closer to 40 in the past.
There may also be more steam in the exhaust that normal, but it is hard to
tell for sure. I know that it is likely that a head gasket has failed but
I’m looking (hoping) for other possibilities with this motor.
Right now I’ve got the doghouse off and the shrouds off from around the
fan. I was hoping for an easy way to get a compression test done, but
those plugs are still quite elusive and buried. I can get there if needed.
I was also hoping that there would be a way to pull the heads without
pulling the motor, but it appears to be unlikely.
Any advice on how others have dealt with this sort of problem in this
vehicle would be greatly appreciated.



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Automobile mileage, speed vs time

I was wondering how speed and engine running time affects gasoline
mileage. For instance, driving at 60 mph to go from point A to point B
and driving at 25 mph to go the same distance. Would the driving time
that it takes to cover the distance at 25 mph burn more gas than going
the distance at 60 mph? Usually the faster you drive the more gas is

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