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Tire rotation

I have a 98 M3 and have just shelled out $850 for four Michelin Sport
AS tires. Front and rear size is different so I understand they cannot
be rotated.

However, the tire installer, Costco, has offered to rotate left with
right on each axle for a small fee; yes I know the tires are
directional, so he will take the tires off the rims as necessary.

>From what I’ve read on the group, rotation on BMWs sounds possible if

it’s done properly, despite what the BMW handbook says. What do y’all
think of Costco’s offer?

Or are these tires going to wear out so fast anyway that it’s not worth

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1978 Dodge Van 318 cubic inch V8 Automatic transmission

This morning the windshield wiper motor stopped working and the fuel
gage hasen’t worked in almost one year.Thanks for any information.

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Affordable Online Car Auctions

Affordable Online Car Auctions

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Malfunctioning Speedometer


I have a problem with my speedometer and the symptoms are listed
EXACTLY in the link below:

Problem is that the article doesn’t explain how to resolve the problem.

Really hoping someone might be able to offer some advice on how to
resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance!

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Must sell Tools, then car.

I am a technician and have fallen on hard times. My wife has run the
Visa up and I need to sell some stuff. I have put up some of my tools
on ebay and will be selling of my car soon. Please take a look, mostly
Snap-On. My car is a 1973 Plymoth with a 68 340 engine. Thanks

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How do I remove the oil pan

How do I remove the oil pan in my 1998 Ford F-150 V6 4.2 Liter .


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1991 olds silloette

automatic trans 4cyl. after van warms up tranny slips van dies will
restart in about half an hour,has about 160,000 miles on it.

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Altima Fast Idle – PCV Valve?

Hi all,

  I’ve got a 1999 Altima 5 speed with 114,000km on it.  Since I bought the
car about 2 years ago, it’s always behaved as though it was getting too much
air at idle; the idle speed was too high when warmed up (around 1,000 rpm),
and when cold, it would rev up to 2500 rpm which I always felt was too fast.
It also would almost always rev up to 1500-2000 rpm, and hang there for a
few seconds, when I push in the clutch when coming to a stop.

I’ve since been able to adjust the idle down to normal, and adjust the fast
idle cam on the throttle body so that the cold starts are less crazy, but
the revving up to 1500-2000 RPM when I come to a stop still happens until
the car has warmed up totally, and I come to a stop and give it a few
seconds to settle down to normal idle speed.   Once that happens, it behaves
itself for the rest of the drive.

It will also rev high (2000 rpm) and surge up and down a few times when
starting warm, especially if it’s been shut off for less than 30 minutes or

The last few days have been quite cold, down to -20C, and both days the
revving up when stopping hasn’t gone away even when the car’s been warmed up
(or at least when the gauge has shown normal temp).  It’s also been revving
a little high when starting if the car is still hot.

I’m trying to figure out if the temperature has anything to do with it…
or what else might be letting too much air into the engine at idle that
would account for this.  The only thing that I haven’t been able to rule out
(temp. sensors, IAC, TPS, MAF test fine, and no sign of vacuum leaks) is the
PCV valve; does this seem like a possible culprit if it’s sticking open at
idle speed for a few seconds, or sticking open and the ECU is trimming the
idle down eventually to compensate?

I’ve had my autotap connected on these cold mornings and the coolant and
intake air temp sensors seem to be fine, so I’m thinking the problem may be
mechanical and not electrical…

Any suggestions would be great, otherwise I may have to wait for the next
cold snap and try to get into the dealer with it…

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Can a reconditioned bumper pass as New?

I was just rear-ended in my 2006 model – near new Civic. The impact was
hard enough
to slightly warp the trunk, but the most notably the driver was a 90
year old man who
stepped on the gas instead of the break after hitting my car and
further sandwitched
my car between his and three other stopped cars infront for a good 5 to
10 yards.

The repair shop is suggesting a bumper reconditioning instead of
replacing the bumper.
Can a reconditioned bumper be as good as the brand new bumper? Or can
the bumper
loose effectiveness, as small as it may be – given it has been thru an
10-20 mph to 0


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