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Okay to disconnect A/C belt on 89 Dodge Caravan?

Hi, Gang:

I have an 89 Grand Caravan that, despite 201k miles on the clock, still
runs and looks pretty good. Of course, its on its third tranny and
second engine…but that’s another Caravan tale… :)

During a long road trip a few months ago, my A/C compressor more or
less died. I had the fan/blower on for defrost which, I guess, must run
the A/C for some reason. Anyway, when I stopped for gas I heard a nasty
squealing noise under the hood that stopped when I turned off the
interior fan. I also noticed that the A/C compressor was toasty hot and
had oozed most of all of whatever was lubricating it internally. I
haven’t turned on the fan since….

But now that it’s winter in MN…I’d like the fan on for heat and
defrost…but I don’t have a spare pile of cash laying around to fix
the A/C…

I’d like to simply disconnect the A/C belt because it’s not worth
fixing… So…

1. Does the 89 3.0 L run the a/c on its own belt? (I think it does.)

2. If so, can I simply disconnect it, disabling the compressor (while
still running the blower for normal heating and defrosting)?

Thanks for your help,

–KK in MN

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Engine ping on 2.2VTEC on 97 Accord

I have a 97 accord with 200K miles. For over 30K, I have been
experiencing engine ping at part throttle. Two mechanics haven’t been
able to find anything wrong during general inspection periods.
I recently had a tune up and valve adjustment which didn’t do anything.
I tried a bottle of techron in the gas tank, which also didn’t help. If
I try a higher octane gas, the ping either improves and sometimes
dissapears, however I would rather not use premium gas. I tried all
kinds of brands of 87 gas, no difference. I installed a new radiator a
while ago and my coolant level is fine. Recently, my check engine light
came on. The fault code  EGR Flow Insufficient P0401. I reset the
engine light and it hasn’t come back in about 1K. I plan on taking my
car into my mechanic in the next few days. Could this fault cold have
anything to do with engine ping? Any other suggestions to help fix this

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Prob of car really fast revving in stationary position


Own a Renault Clio and my car is really revving fast in it’s stationary
position. It’s happened twice now in the past couple of days. First
time it happened, we just took it to a local garage on the off chance
to get it repaired and all the mechanic did was to really slam his foot
on the accelerator for a while and the problem went away.

It’s happened again and this time we did what the mechanic did with
slamming the accelerator on as far it will go, only this time the
problem is not corrected – it’s still revving like merry hell. As it’s
Christmas, with no garages open, I am seeking some advive as to what it
might be and whether it’s safe to drive around in. It’s only happened
since we’ve had a cold snap here in the UK. Oh and btw, the car is just
an incy wincy little more sluggish to start up in this cold weather.

If you need any more info, just ask and I’ll try to fill the gaps in.
Thanks in advance.


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Bluetooth car-audio

Hi, I have never had a car-audio supporting bluetooth,
so I have no idea how does it work… Tell me, please,
does it just detect new call and mute itself or can it
be used in place of a wireless headset, I mean I could
listen to phone over radio speakers and use a microphone
in the car audio to talk ?

Also, what would be your recomendation for a nice car
audio with a bluetooth support to buy and replace in camry ?
I need it also have front socket to plug in my iPod.

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1996 jeep grand Cherokee CV joints.

With some advice from you guys I’ve found a bad CV joint on the front
passanger side.

any body have any tips for changing these out. otherwise I’ll just follow
along with the Chilton Manual.

thanks all


1996 jeep grand cherokee

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Need some info on a Cadillac Cimarron miles/trip ometer

Hi and thanks for looking, I have a Cadillac Cimarron and the milles
say 00000000 and the trip meter doesn’t work. Sometimes when I reset
the computer the trip works until I turn the car off and leave it a
while then it doesn’t work again. Can you tell me if there is a "store
battery" that I need to change or something? thanks.

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85 Toyota Camry Electrical Issue

I have recently purchased an 85 Toyota Camry and wanted to fix a few
things on it before i used it too often.  Here are some issues, if
anyone has any tips or advice from experience with these cars please
let me know.

1.  The lights behind the outer portion of the dash do not work … the
center column (i.e. brake, oil, door lights) all work.  The outer (i.e.
speed and tac) do not work what so ever.  I have checked the
circuitboard and all lights.

2.  The fuse panel on the inside of the car, drivers side, has no cover
so i am unsure of what fuses are for what.

3.  The 3rd spark plug from the left seems to be stripped out and will
not thread.

4.  The "D" (drive) light on the dash will not light, all others (P, R,
N, 2, 1) will all light just fine.

  These are the few i have found so far.  Any thoughts would be much
apprechiated,  thank you!


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'97 Cavalier Oil filter

How the heck do you get to it?  I’ve changed the oil twice, and the
only way I can get to the filter is by shoving my left arm down the
right side of the firewall.  It’s a tight fit, and the filter will
barely go through it.  My arm is a very tight fit and got a couple of
fair sized bruises on it today.  This is nuts.

It’s really frustrating trying to screw it back on by feel.  I’m also
not sure I’m not knocking trash and dirt onto the gasket surface.
There’s no way I can get a wrench on it, and I feel like I’m only
getting a third of a turn on it because I can only grip it with the
fingertips of my weaker left hand.

I consider myself very fortunate that I could turn it off without a
wrench because there no way in heck I could ever get one to it.

Any hints short of pulling the transmission?


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Re: Service Engine Soon Light

Hi All….

    My service Engine light came on this morning…. The vehicle is a 97
dodge Caravan Sport with a 3.3 liter engine.  It has 142,000 miles on it and
I have kept up on the maintenance.. oil changes every 2000 miles, change
tranny fluid every 24,000 miles, complete tune up every 20-24,000 miles.
    I have done some diagnostics on it…. the manual says to depress the
trip and reset odometer buttons with the ignition switch in the off
position.  Once the two buttons are depressed, then turn the key to the on
position and wait until the odometer reading reads codE…. then if all is
good, it will return with a 999.  Well… I got all that, so I must be
missing something.  I mean why is the result telling me everything is in
good order when my light decided to come on?  Is there some other kind of
diagnostics I should be doing, and if there is, then how do I go about it?

Thanks in advance for any consideration..


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Finding an 86 Dodge 600 Convertible-

Where would be the most reputable place to go???

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