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2004 Sebring not firing on #1 cylinder

My Sebring started not firing on #1 cylinder although plug wire is
delivering good spark to plug. Fault code is P 0301  I need some help
with this issue. Thanks in advance for any info. Sam, near Detroit

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Lower control arm Problem??

I have a 95 nissan 240sx. I am not quite sure if it’s the Lower Control
Arm or not but here we go. When I first got the car the Tension Rod was
in really bad shape…especially the driver side. If i were to brake
hard i can feel the wheel move after it is stopped. I replaced my
Tension rods with solid performance bushings. I also replaced my Inner
and Outer tie rods.

my question is could the bad tension rod put more stress in the Lower
Control arm bushings causing it to wear faster? When I hit certain
bumps I hear clunks coming from my driver side. The clucks sounds like
something is lose. My steering wheel also shakes when i hit 65-70 mph
on the highway. When I hit bumps sometimes i feel the car glide to the
left or right.  The only thing i did not replace yet is the Lower
Control Arm but could this cause the problem?

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Can a laser thermometer pinpoint skipping cylinder?…

    Could such a thermometer be used to tell ‘which’ cylinder is misfiring
when an engine is determined, by ear, to be skipping?  (I am NOT affiliated
with this sale!)  Does anyone use such?  What parameter(s) would a mechanic
need on such a device to determine which cylinder(s) is colder due to not
firing?  I’m visualizing several automotive uses for a thermometer like
this.  Thanks for experienced feedback, including what brand has been used
successfully.  s

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02 legacy misfire and 02 codes

Just bought a used 02 Legacy L 2.5/5spd.

Started idling rough, and check engine came on.
Dumped codes, got a p0130 and a p0171.  Cleared them, and then 2 days
later, hot p0301-4 (misfires in all 4 cylinders.)

I’m going to see if there’s any warranty left, but I suspect I’m on my

plugs and wires were apparently just done… because of the same thing.

the one thing my autotap did show was the long term fuel trim was -23%
IIRC, which is why the p0171…

I don’t yet have a shop manual, so I’m looking for some assistance on
where to start – 02 sensor?  Which one(s)?  I haven’t even looked under
the car yet, so does the 2.5 have one 02 per bank or one for both banks?

The car runs fine once you’re up to speed, but definitely idles like
crap.  Nothing obviously broken/unhooked under the hood, but I’ll be
having a more in depth look tomorrow.

One thing I read talked about exhaust leaks upstream from the 02 sensor
– this car has a new clutch, is it possible the mechanic who did the
clutch messed something up?

Grrrr… car drives nice, but I’m busy right now, and I was hoping it
would be a nice reliable winter car so I could finally put the wife’s
Beretta out to pasture.

(and if you’re wondering why I bought it when it’s got some mechanical
history, it’s because the body and interior are almost perfect – I can
fix mechanical, but rust is evil and apparently every other Subaru owner
has dogs.  Big smelly dogs that eat parts of the interior.  Plugs and 02
sensors are cheap compared to new dash pads without bite marks.)


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89 Chrysler LeBaron tachometer

the tachometer and speedometer in my 89 lebaron doesn’t seem to be
working right. when in park, if i reved the engine the speedometer
kinda seems to emulate the tachometer, jumps up and down the more i rev
the engine.

but the tachometer doesn’t worked at all, unless you take a sharp right
corner, then it may work for a split second.

the ecu is giving out a code 37 too: an open or shorted condition in
the torque convertor clutch solenoid circuit (automatic transaxle)

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locating my '67 camaro by VIN – how?

for most of the 80′s i owned a ’67  SS/RS Camaro Convert. Stupidly sold
it in late ’88.  I want to locate the current owner (assuming it isn’t
shipped overseas).   anyone have a suggestion how i might be able to
trace it?   the online services, i.e. car fax and the rest are useless
b/c they only track VIN’s ’81 and later.

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How do you flush the heater core in a 1992 Buick Lesabre

Hello everyone,

My 1992 Buick LeSabre does not blow any heat anymore, (the fan works
but no heat).  The coolant levels are fine and I was told that I should
try to flush the heater core.  How do you do this?  I know that I need
to find the 2 lines going through my firewall, however I cant seem to
find them.  What do they look like?

Thanks for your help

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Auto wreckers… What do they do with the VIN?

I’ve seen a few salvagable vehicles in wrecking yards and it got me

What does an auto wrecker do when the bring a vehicle into the yard? Are all
the VIN’s reported to the DMV and cars registered as scrap? Can these
vehicles be reregistered as roadworthy?

Also, how far can one go repairing a vehicle until it’s no longer considered
the same vehicle?

In other words, if I own a roadworthy vehicle, that is currently registered
and insured and then purchase a vehicle from a wrecker that is in better
shape than my car, and I move several parts from my car to the wrecker
vehicle, can I use my current registration on the wrecker vehicle?

I’m mostly interested is what is done in Alberta and Ontario, but interested
in hearing about other locations as well.

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89 chevy heavy 1/2 ton 4×4 gear ratio

There are no tags on front or rear of the differential.   It has an 11
tooth pinion gear and 41-tooth ring gear and no one around here can
give me a clue on how to find the gear ratio.  any ideas would be

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Replacing upper engine mount on '92 Camry

A friend has a ’92 Toyota Camry and the rubber inside the upper
engine mount ("dogbone") is cracked.

It looks to me like it’s a simple procedure: just remove two bolts,
replace the mount, and replace the two bolts.  It doesn’t look to
me like the mount is actually supporting the engine at rest.

Is that correct, or should we support the engine from below (e.g.,
via a board on a small jack under the oil pan) when replacing this
mount?  Thanks in advance.


Ken Bell :: kenbell_AT_panix_DOT_com   :: 212-475-4976 (voice)

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