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Steering wheel issue


I have a 2003 Toyota Camry LE with the 2.4 L engine. When I acceletare
or brake, I can feel what I describe as a thump in the steering wheel.
It only happens as soon as the car stops braking, or when I am stopped
and I accelerate. It’s as if the engine thumps against the steering

What should I check?

Thank You

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1990 mustang crank no start

No spark and injectors are not operating. New dist with ign module.
Seemto have correct voltage in all the right places.

Any ideas?


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GM Headache

Get a Load O’ This!

An aquaintance of mine has a 2000 Grand Am. 2.4L 4 Banger. Tells me car
wont start, some kind of electrical problem, or? F*#@, they dont know.
He’s replaced a lot of parts…still nothin. Then he says it will start
while using starter fluid. I say, well…sounds like fuel
pump/relay…filter etc. Oh no, Ive already changed all that.
Hmmm….Intermittant electrical problem…bad ground…OBDII not
sending injector signal….no spark situation ala crank sensor.. cam
So, I get over there to look at the car. He says sometimes the key wont
turn. Sure enough…. key wont budge from off position! I tried
everything short of tearing the dash off this fucker. On this car, if
you cant turn the key, you cant remove lock cylinder, You cant take the
thing out of park ( at least to move shifter lever so one can gain
access to remove center console bezel) which is in the way of accessing
lock assem. to remove and inspect.
The long and short of it…I managed to get the ignition and lock
assembly out in my lap. At this point, my question is, what is the
cable attached to the lock housing? Does it release something
mechanically, or just serve as a tether for the lock? Also, the three
wire terminal that seems impossible to remove without destroying. "Its
neatly tucked into the lock housing". The key cylinder appears to be
worn to the point of not funtioning any longer. Im thinking locksmith
to free it up so pin may be depressed and cylinder removed. Then,
wrecking yard, to chase down additional parts.
I cant troubleshoot the electrical problems until I can turn it on and
see whats up?

Any suggestions regarding above problem "Greatly appreciated"

The road….

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Coolong fan wiring

Can a mechanic wire the cooling fan of vehicle wrong? I had my vehicle
taken into over over heating and when I got it back it was blowing hot
air when I turned on my a/c? My a/c was working when I  took it in!

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91 Blazer won't start

Hello all. I have a 91 S10 blazer with a fuel injected v6  that won’t start.
I drove It home last night with no problems and this morning It won’t start.
It will turn over, and start and sputter weakly then die right away. I
changed the fuel filter to make sure there was no blockage there, and I
think I can hear the fuel pump hum when I turn the key to on but i’m not
100% sure. One thing that I never noticed before was when i had the hood up
with the key on there was some sort of module making a constant, light
buzzing noise and there was an odd odor emanting from around the area.
I’m kinda stumped. I’m hoping It’s not the fuel pump as It’s In the gas tank
and thats too much for me to undertake. I’m thinking about changing the Oil
pressure switch such thats cheap and easy to try first.
Any ideas or input would be most welcome.


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Rear view mirrors with lcd displays

Were there any cars out there that were shipped with rear view mirrors
that had lcd displays for a rear camera?  Thanks,


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Mustang Exhaust Header Studs

I’m replacing the rotted H-pipe on my ’92 Mustang LX Convertible with a
Pypes X-pipe.  I broke one stud on each exhaust header flange, removing the
old pipe.  These are the factory exhaust headers.  How are the studs held
into the flanges?  From under the car, they don’t look like they are

Also is there any secret to getting the O2 sensors out of the old pipe or
should I just replace them?

Any help would be appreciated.

Bob La Rocca
Lindenhurst, NY

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