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Megane Cabriolet Roof Problems


Earlier this year I had to raise my roof manually following a drop in
the hydraulic fluid level.  Subsequently I have been unable to raise or
lower the roof electronically.

I’ve topped up the fluid and checked the fuses which are all fine.  The
only slight clue may be the fact that the card beeps at me five times
when I start the ignition.

If anyone can provide pointers I’d be really grateful, I’ve been trying
to find a solution for ages.



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honda accord itermittent stalling/no-start

Buddy of mine has a 1999 Accord V6 that stalls intermittently.
Sometimes wil restart right away other times will not.  Has already had
the igniton switch replaced due to recall.  Dealer and independent
mechanics have not been able to duplicate or solve problem.

Last time it was in no start mode he said the car had spark.

I’m going to look at it today and from his description I’m leaning
towards an igniton switch or relay.  I DAGS and this seems to be a
prevelant problem with little agreement on the cause.

Anyone have any guidance on this problem?

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4.3 engine swap

I am maybe looking a resurrecting a 1995 S10 SS siting in my driveway
i was going to use for parts. Its got a bad 4.3 in it.
Seems to be quite a variety of 4.3 out there. What years will swap
in this truck without re inventing the wheel?
I did find this information:

Can you use a TBI motor in it with maybe a manifold swap?
Maybe a camero or astro or such motor?
Seems to be a lot of locations for the knock sensors on
different years. Where is the control module for the fuel
injection on a 95? it does not have the computer module on
the overflow tank like my 96 does.


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Air Conditioner Problem on 99 Suburban

Have replaced the ac compressor, pulled vacuum and recharged.  Still
not cooling below 60 degrees. Used to cool down to 45 at the vents.  So
wondering about the possiblility that the out side air is filtering in.
Wondered if the door to the out side air is not closing completely.

Have two questions about this.  Can I see and get to that door from the
grill by the windshield wipers.  Is there some filter also in that area
that needs to be changed?
I got a response from one other site about the box that contains the
coil under the dash but when I went for a follow up they said he had
maxed out his answers and could not answer more.

He said the box had to be removed in one unit. It has a couple of
screws there and I took them out but could not open the box.  Any one
know if I can take the hoses off and unbold this box from under the
dash to see the door that lets in the out side air.

ANY AND ALL HELP APPRECIATED.  You can email me pershonally at

THANKS AL in TX it was 105 yesterday. Need to get this fixed

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Determining mileage on a van

I’m considering buying a late 70s Dodge van which the seller indicates
has a little over 110,000 kms on it.  THat’s what the odometer reads.
However, this van has a 5 digit odometer, so I’m concerned that it may
have gone around more than once.  THe VIN of this van is not the modern
17 character version, so I can’t run a carfax on it to get an
indication of mileage.  There aren’t any service records that come with
the van.
So: how would you go about trying to determine if the mileage is indeed
what is being reported?  Some things I thought of:
 - check windshield pitting (will have a lot of small pits on high
mileage vehicles; I know because I own a couple of vehicles with over
200,000 miles)
 - check condition of brake and gas pedal rubber (again, will be more
worn if vehicle has a lot of miles on it)
 - I suppose engine compression and leakdown test would be an indicator
of engine wear
 - wear and tear on driver’s seat

ANy other tell-tale areas you can think of?

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Cracked Cylinder Head

Hi, I just had a 100,000km service on my diesel plus replaced  glow plugs,
cambelt and tensioner bearings.
Just three weeks laters I had to send it back only to de diagnosed with with
a cracked cylinder head.
Does anyone think this could of been related to the work on the car or was I
just bloody unlucky.

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1992 Pontiac Woes

I have a 92 Pontiac Grand Prix SE that has sereved me well, until now.
She has some starting issues. If I start her cold, she’ll keep cranking
and cranking until she gets a little encouragement from me and my
accelerator and then runs… with black smoke. If I let her do all the
work, she just keeps crankng and struggles and finally kicks in. She
just recently started struggling at stoplights… never quits, just
struggles. Now, I have done some things and not sure where to go from
now. No error codes, fuel pump was checked for pressure 2 years ago,
fuel filter changed 2 years ago, spark plugs (you guessed it) 2 years
ago, had the crankshaft sensor replaced a few years back as well. I’m
running out if ideas here. It sounds like a fuel injector problem of
some sort, but not sure what else I can do except pay someone big bucks
to blow out my injectors. Any thoughts as to what else I can try?

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Auto 2006

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Isuzu camshaft position sensor

Where is it found on the engine?

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How do I drain the radiator on my car?

I have a 2000 Saturn station wagon with a 4 cylinder engine. I want to drain
the radiator to put new antifreeze in it, but I can’t locate the valve that
you turn to open up the line to let the coolant run out. I thought it would
be on the bottom of the radiator but I can’t find it. Will someone please
tell me where to find the drain valve? Thank you.

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