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2002 Intrepid DTC P0300

Got this trouble code, random multiple cylinder misfires. Replaced the
spark plugs, first time at 81,300 (shame on me). Cleared codes and they
haven’t come back. I haven’t driven it more than a few miles since
replacing. Seems to be running fine. Am I really this lucky or will I
have to drive it more to tell?

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Just a Thot

when you ask for, and receive info that helps you with your problem,

please come back with a post of any helpful tips that others might use
at times in the future.


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Recommended Brake Fluid Maintenance?!

I own a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am.  I was wondering what is the best way to
maintain the brake fluid… should I drain the entire system and refill
and bleed it, or should I bleed each wheel individually? I’d like to
replenish every drop in the system, any ideas?  Please Help!

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Any forums for working or "pro" mechanics?

Not to be exclusionary but are there any forums for professional
mechanics?  More to talk about work related stuff rather than tech

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Aftermarket Cruise Control Questions

I just purchased a 1990 Honda Civic with an aftermarket cruise control. It’s
supposedly from Sears and the "brain" is by DANA (8-R family).  It didn’t
work at all when I started but I now have it partially working.  I had to
install new magnets on one of the axles for the pickup. Now it will engage
but doesn’t stay at the speed I set it at … it continually accelerates.
The "brain" has settings for "centering", "sensitivity" and what appears to
be "low speed switch".  I’ve fiddled with all of them and haven’t gotten any
improved behavior.

Does anyone have instructions from a similar unit that they could share?
I’m hoping for setting/troubleshooting info.

Does anyone have adjustment steps that might help?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks much!

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nitrogen in passenger car tires?

good idea or waste of time?

what’s the science behind it?


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Re: Multiair *new* technology engine

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>>From the guys that that fitted the world’s first direct-injection
>Diesel to a passenger car, and invented common rail Diesel too in 97′
>and on sold it to Bosch [now used by most world wide]

Common rail diesel a new invention? Hardly – it’s been used in
diesel-electric locomotives since the mid 1930′s and has been used in diesel
engines powering almost all large marine craft used by military agencies
since WW2! 8-)


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Fuel filters and water passage…

Will automotive fuel filters allow water to pass through them?

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2000 Bravada reverse question

We bought this car with 90000 miles on it about a year ago. From the
very beginning we started to notice a slight shudder when backing up.
We took the car in to a friends place and he changed the blue fluid in
the transfer case. He said that there was a problem with the All Wheel
Drive function which affects the transfer cases on these and said "lets
try the fluid change first and see if it helps". After doing the change
there seemed to be little difference but eventually the problem seemed
to all but dissappear. We were very encouraged. The car had been fine
until recently when this transmission had lost reverse, which I am told
is apparently a typical and unrelated problem with these. We had the
trans rebuilt and it seems to be OK except for the fact that the slight
shuddering problem in the drive train is now occurring again
sporadically only in reverse, but not all the time when backing up.
When it happens it seems to be worse if the wheels are turned but it it
so intermittent that it is hard to say if the problem only occurrs when
turning or it may occur when backing up in general. Like I said
sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. So far I have just never noticed it
when straight backing up.
So my questions are:
1. What is happening here?
2. Did the original problem ruin reverse on the transmission and could
this occurr again?
3. We don’t really use 4WD. Can it be disabled thereby saving us a
possible costly future     repair again?
4. Might changing the blue fluid help again?
5. Is there a solution that will really "fix" this problem or is this
just a poor design.
Please don’t worry about providing as much technical information as
possible. I really want to understand this problem and will sincerely
appreciate it all. Thanks, Lenny Stein.

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Break-oil necessary first 500 miles

Do not use synthetic or any oil rated higher than SG for the first 10 hours
or 500 miles.  SAE 30-30W is ideal, and 20W-30 as a second choice.  Such
oil is available as "Universal Motor Oil" from Walmart, your place to shop
for great savings every day of the week.

Drive moderately with this oil, then drain, change the filter and replace
with high rated oil.  After this break-in, you may drive without

If you run in with high performance oil, the rings will not seat due to the
added anti-friction additives. Compression will never reach maximum and oil
consumption will be higher than expected.

This valuable tip is brought to you by Nomen the Megaposter.

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