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How do I put MSD on stock HEI?

I just bought a ’78 type LT Camaro with a 350, stock except for a very
mild cam and an Edelbrock intake.  An MSD 6TN came with it and since
the stock HEI setup is sloppy at best, I want to put in the MSD box.  I
have never wired one up before, so i was wandering if someone would
give me a walkthrough on it?

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Water leak

I noticed my headliner was wet the other day in the corner between the
driver side door and the windshield.

I was wondering what my options are for finding the leak.

I was thinking of taking the headliner out, closing the door and have
someone pour some water on the exterior first on the door side, then on
the windshield side to see where this is coming from.

Anyone have any other ideas?


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Check Engine light: A brilliant idea?

Yesterday I rode with a young lady in her ’99 Civic. During the ride I
noticed her Check Engine light was on and asked her about it. She
replied that it had been on for about a week. She wasn’t in a hurry to
get it looked at because the last time she did, it cost her many
hundreds of dollars to get it to turn off
"…and the car’s driving fine, so…".

She won’t even take it in to get the code read, seeming to have the
idea that ignorance is bliss.

So, my idea:
Most cars these days have digital odometers. How much trouble would it
be to have the odometer alternately flash the trouble code(s) and its
normal mileage reading, and continue to do so until the light went off?

Wouldn’t this make it less of a hardship for unwilling owners to at
least know what the problem is? They could do it with a quick phone
call to a garage rather than bother with appointments and lengthy

Wouldn’t this possibly result in at least a few more cars getting
repaired more quickly?

How come no one has done this yet?


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more info: Edelbrock Thunder Series

sent a message to Edelbrock tech support:


I’m interested in possibly purchasing one of your new 500 CFM AVS
carburetors.  However, I see from the info on your site that they are
calibrated for use in dual quad applications.  I want to use it as a
single carb on a 289ci Studebaker V-8, basically stock but with a mild
cam and electronic ignition.  Can I use the same rod and jet kits as I
would for a similar size Performer/AFB, and more importantly do the
same rods/jets translate between the carbs?  i.e. if I have a good
running 500 CFM AFB can I just take the rods and jets from that and put
them in the AVS as a starting point?  I ask this because I don’t see a
rod and jet kit for the AVS as available on your site.  Also curious if
I can use the tuning information in the .pdf manual on your site for an
AVS as well as an AFB.

Thanks much,

Nate Nagel

here’s the response:

We recommend the # 1486 calibration kit for single 4 bbl applications.
The # 1486 happens to be the same calibration kit as the Performer 500
carburetors. We currently do not have the correct calibration since the
person in charge has been out sick and is not due back until Monday.
Feel free to email me at the beginning of the week so that I may get
you the correct calibration for the single 4V application. Thanks.

Sounds to me like you just use the same rods and jets that you would
for a similar sized AFB if I am interpreting this correctly.  Hope this
helps someone.


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Oil Filter Bypass Valve Question


    I was changing the oil and filter today on my gf’s 96 Nissan Sentra
with the 1.6L engine. After I had the old oil filter off,  I shone a
flashlight up on the mating surface on the engine wall, and saw the
hole in the center, which lets oil into the engine from the filter, and
also 2 holes near the outer edge of the mating circle, next to each
other,. I believe one was the oil inlet hole, for letting oil into the
filter, and the other hole  the "oil filter bypass valve".   This "oil
filter bypass valve " hole had a rough lip protruding from its
circumfrerence. I thought perhaps something had been there which had
broken off, leaving this rough lip. Inside this hole was a very weak
valve, held in place by a spring pushing it from behind, I assume. I
was able to push the valve back in very easily with a pen. Seems like
the filter would only need to provide a very weak resistance in order
for the bypass valve to open and have the oil not go through the

  Am I on target about this hole?
Is it the "oil filter bypass valve" ?
  Is it supposed to be so weak?
Is it normal for the lip around it to be rough and uneven ?


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'97 S-10 question

Got the 3.2 V-6 with a/t.

In the last week or so, I hear a moderatley loud gurgling noise, like
running water, in the center forward floorboard area.  It seems to occur
mostly when I start off.  What is this telling me?

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95 Galant w/ stiff clutch and shifter also loud whinning noise…

I have a ’95 Galant LS 5 speed trans. Bought the car about 8yrs ago.
Car doesn’t have too much problems except the clutch feels stiff and
gears seem to be stiff. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?
Another issue I have is when I first start my car in the day and I have
the a/c / heat knob turned to the on position the car makes a loud
whinning noise which does go away in about 2-3 mins, is there anything
I can do to fix that and about how much? It would be great if you can
help me out. Thanks.

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Dear all,

Can u send me a copy of the conversion chart for temperature w.r.t. mV.



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Diesel Fuel spray

Is there a reason why someone would spray metal, plastic, and/or
automotive parts with diesel fuel?

I found out today that my father does this on a regular basis (which
explains that smell on the couch). I saw him spraying objects that
looked similar to a hitch (like for a tractor) and other objects that
are probably made of a similar material (sorry, I don’t know my metals
and such things). I also saw him spray a small, heavy, plastic object.
He also managed to spray me too.

I’m just wondering if spraying those things with diesel fuel is normal.
I could understand spraying them with something such as WD-40 to
prevent rust but I see no reason to spray them with with diesel fuel.

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2003 impala low engine oil level light ?

the low engine oil level light wont go off until after about five
minutes of driving or running the vehicle ? i replaced the oil sensor
on the bottom of the oil pan already . light still comes on ?

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