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1996 Nissan pickup speedometer

1996 Nissan King Cab SE, 2.4L, 5 speed, 2wd

After 2 years of occasional speedometer failure, I recently had the
instrument cluster replaced with a used unit. Turns out, the supplier
sent the wrong part. And I haven’t been able to find the correct part
at another source. The problem is: speedometer now works correctly &
consistently, but the tachometer reads too low. My question is whether
it is possible to replace just the speedometer head in my old
instrument cluster, with the new (used) speedo head, leaving the old
(functional) tach in place?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Frost Plugs

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows how hard it is to change frost plugs on
a 95 intrepid.




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chevy cavalier theft system

I changed the ignition switch in my 96 cavalier and sometimes when you go
to start it it wont start, the theft system light will come on.or when its
running it will shut off and you have to give it a while then it will
start. but you cant hear the fuel pump kick on when you try to start it, i
was wandering if there was a relay switch that you would have to push.

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MAP sensor

Have a Infiniti 2001 QX4.  In cruise control the engine surges as if I were
stepping on gas pedal and letting up constantly. Have had GM and Ford
vehicles that ran smooth under same conditions. Are the Japanese vehicles
different in this respect? I changed the air intake filter and had slight
improvement. Wondering if the MAP sensor would cause this? No codes show up.

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Fan clutch nut on 1993 Explorer

Does anyone know the correct size of the fan clutch nut on a 1993 Ford
Explorer 4×4? I want to get correct size wrench. Thanks in advance

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1999 Toyota Corolla Engine Rattle: engine kept running when in "off" position

My wife’s car recently experienced some strange symptoms that
disappeared, but we’re not sure what it was.  After going to the store,
she got back in the car and started it up.  She heard what she thought
was shopping carts rattling nearby.  After backing out, she realized it
was the car and re-parked.  She turned the engine off, but apparently
the engine kept running.  She got worried and put the emergency brake
on and pulled the key out of the ignition, which made the engine stop.

She called and told me her car was rattling, so I told her to add a
quart of oil to see if that helped (and if it didn’t, I’d come get
her).  After this, the engine started without a rattle.  I checked the
oil later, and it’s actually a little above full now, so I don’t think
low oil was the problem.  It sounds like something on the electrical
side, like electrical distribution or the computer…

Anyone have an idea about what that might be?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

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trunck space!

What cars have the most trunk space?  I don’t wanna get a van or SUV,
but i need as much trunck space and room inside as porrible… any
ideas?  Looking at new cars, so 2006 models included.

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New 2005/06 F-150 vs 2003 F-150 dash disassembly..

Once upon a time, I had to disassemble a Ford F-150 dashboard
(previous generation) to replace a heater core.  I won’t do that
again..  I don’t think Ford could have used any more fasteners to keep
the thing together..

Has anyone disassembled the dash on a redesigned F-150?  How does it

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1987 ford ranger 2.3L 4cyl EFI 2wd "STALLING"

Hello I have a 1987 ford ranger 2.3L 4cyl EFI that keeps stalling out.
It starts right up(and drives) when it is cold but after it starts and
runs for a while it dies and wont start back up. It is not overheating,
I changed the fuel filter, coil, spark plugs, air filter, cleaned the
distributor cap and rotor, checked the fuel pump which squirts like a
champ, and all the electrical stuff in the cab works just fine. Also
the fuses look great and the fuel pump shut off switch is not engaged.
When I took the air intake off and sprayed starter fluid in it it did
Please Help
Thank you

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1998 mazda protege hard to start after sitting for more than 20 mins

I have a 1998 mazda protege that has real trouble starting the first
engine i had had a blown head gasket so i replaced the engine now the
new engine is doing the same thing it seems that after the vehicle sits
it looses compression but when you can get it to start it runs
awsome????Any ideas??

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