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Isuzu Trooper Fuel Problems – HELP !

Here is the situation:

1986 Trooper(carburated), manual tranny, AC, 117k miles…

Engine has difficulty starting and when started will idle OK but stalls
and lurches randomly above idle. It appears to be starving from fuel and
than gets a blast (hence the lurch). The fuel pump is original and is
a mechanical type.

I have tried replacing the fuel filter with no help.

Gurus of the net please advise soon, I will be attacking this problem
this weekend (tomorrow).

Dennis Glover                      |
Applied Research Laboratories      |      Homey/Bill-the-Cat for ’92
glo…  |

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Pb additives

I have an older Jaguar that will soon be on the road for the first time in
5 years.  the previous owner used cheap unleaded gas without concern.
i however, want to use the correct octane fuel with a lead substitute.
any advice out there on the quality of various brands of additive?  also,
‘one-bottle-per-tankfull’ seems a rather poor method of ratioing the additive.
especially when one of my jags has 7 gal. tanks and the other 12 gal. tanks!
again, any comments on the ratio of additive to gasoline would be appreciated.
of particular use would be a ratio of additive to gasoline versus
cumulative octane rating.

i am out on the limits of my knowledge in this area – and i work for an oil
company!  any and all help is appreciated…

rick lindsay

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CVCC and Compression

I was wondering if someone who has experience with the Honda CVCC
engine could enlighten me.  I have a 79′ Accord CVCC that seems to
have very low compression readings.  The book list a N/A
for compression in the engine specs table for that model and year.
Would the compound vortex system make it difficult or
impossible to get accurate compression readings?

Thanks for any help,


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1986 Mazda 323 misses under load

The engine in my fiance’s 1986 Mazda 323 seems to miss under load.  For
example, at ~60 MPH in 5th gear, while accelerating uphill to get on the
freeway, the car will hesitate or stutter.  It is fairly mild and will
happen maybe once every 2 or 3 seconds.  It happens when the engine is
hot or cold, on hills and in the flat, in dry weather and wet.

What could be causing this?

(OBTW:  It is a 1.6l fuel injected, electronic ignition, 4 cylinder.)

The car is due for a tuneup, so this weekend I’m planning to replace
plugs, wires, cap, and rotor, reset pickup coil gap, adjust valve lash,
adjust timing, check vaccuum hoses, change fuel, air, and oil filters,
and change the oil.

Is there anything else I should be doing or checking?

Thanks much…


Craig Bosworth  (619) 592-8609
Hewlett-Packard, San Diego Division

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Ford Explorer

Any of you netters got any advice based upon experiance with the Ford
Explorer? They are real nice for a test drive, but how about ownership?

David                   dos…

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air/fuel mixture question …

Hello netters out there.  My apologies if the question I am about to post
is on FAQ already.  (By the way, can some kind soul point me where I can
get a hold of FAQ?)

Can someone explain to me the basic concepts of air to fuel mixture in
the engine and what can happen when the mix is too lean or too rich.

The reason I ask is that my car had, a 1986 Corolla, developed a rather
annoying knocking
problem and so I thought it was time for a valve adjustment.  So I took the
car in for service.  When I went back to pick up the car again, the
mechanic told me the following.

They performed an infrared analysis of my car’s emissions, I guess as part
of the valve adjustment service.  What he told me was that the CO count was
at .36% and the hydrocarbon count was at 160ppm.

The mechanic said that the HC count was high, even though it would pass the
state inspection, and it indicated that my air to fuel mixture is too lean.
He said that the HC count should be near zero for my car.  Because the
mixture is too lean, i.e. too much air, not all of the fuel was being burnt
and thus the high HC count.

He suggested that I have the carb mixture adjusted.

I’m asking you netters the question because I’m just curious.  The mechanic
seemed sincere, and certainly his cost didn’t seem outrageous (~35 bucks).

Thanks in advance.

Hyung Sohn – first timer on the

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87 escort starts, dies immediately, any ideas?

Hi, I have question for all you r.a.t.’s, my 87 ford escort the other
morning started and then immediately died, and i’m out of clues, as the
haynes and chiltons manuals both talk about the earlier models and there
aren’t too many similarities.
Pertinent info:
   this car is throttle body FI.
   to narrow down the problem, I put in new plugs and new cap and rotor.
   there is a healthy spark (at the spark plug).
   I can see a good spraying of fuel.
   The plugs are wet with gas after I try many times.
   car has 48000 miles.
   I can pull the elec connector from the injector and that will dry out the
     plugs so that the whole process starts over again, starts, dies, then
     repeated attempts don’t produce much.

I would appreciate any replies.

Mark A. Skala                            "Please conserve paper; write on
v…                       all six sides before recycling."

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Straight Six Power

   Are there any straight six fans out there? My 69 El Camino has a straight
 six 250, and I was just wondering if anyone likes this durable powerplant.
 Lots of people laugh when they see such a tiny engine in the immense engine
 compartmant that I have, but with the help of just a straight pipe I can
 almost keep up with some of today’s ‘limp’ V8′s. Anyone know of any
 modifications that I can do to make this engine compete more against the
 newer and better designed engines?
                                              Many thanks…

"May the fleas of 1000 camels not infest your armpits…"

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Mazda B2200 Fuel Problem

I purchased this truck in the middle of last August and I’ve been getting about 25 mpg. About two tanks of gas ago my milage dropped to around 20 mpg. There has been no significant changes in my driving habits during this time. The dealer doubts that there is anything wrong with the truck. He believes that my driving is probably contributing to this. While my driving may be an issue I wonder about such a noticible, rapid change. Friends have suggested that the O2 sensor may be malfunctioning. The dealer re

sponds that, if this were the case, a light on the dash. This light has not been lit since I got the truck. Does this sound strange to anyone else? Who would I contact, other than the dealer, about this?

Dennis Glover                      |
Applied Research Laboratories      |      Homey/Bill-the-Cat for ’92
glo…  |

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Mitsubishi 2.6L Silent shaft

    A friend of mine blew a head gasket on an 84 caravan with a 2.6L
mitsubishi engine. A guy at the auto parts store recommended replacement
of silent shaft chain and chain guides because of a premature wearout
characteristic of this engine. He researched Mitchell TSB’s at the local
library and could not find a reference for it. Can anyone on the net verify
this as a problem with the 2.6L ? Are all model years affected ? What bad
things will happen if this is neglected ?

I appreciate any feedback the net can give me on this.


Jerry Pepera

Allen-Bradley Co.
Motion Control Division
Highland Heights,OH

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