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Subaru Justy 4 WD.

Hello all!

I’m planning to buy myself a new car. I own a Mini Austin 1000. It’s
still a great car, but getting quite old (it’s a 1978). So I was lurking
towards a Subaru Justy 4 WD. I would greatly appreciate any comments on
that car.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Whatever happened to

     I’m another Motor Head ready to hop on the bandwagon. How about or just

     BTW, I love my ’69 Firebird 400, but there’s nothing wrong with
hotrodding 231 V-6′s and such. Power-to-weight ratio is where it’s at.
What’s a hot rod? Any vehicle modified from stock condition for improved

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oldsmobile quad 4 questions??

I have been considering swapping an olds quad four into my car and was wonderin
g if anybody has heard anything about the cost of the motor/fuel injection, the
 availability of performance parts, and if they have been turbo charged sucsess
fully. In the past i have heard that they are good, strong motors. They seem to
 provide excellent power stock, somewhere around 180hp, but i am sure that they
 have been modified and raced…i am most interested in peformance cams, heade
rs and the ability of the fi ecm to be take that type of modification…
thankx in adv…

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Performance Carbs on Hondas

Are they good?  Do they work?  How much should I pay for a performance
carb?  What brand?  How about an original carb (how much?)?  What are the
signs of a failing carb?
Input is appreciated.

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Bronco II / 31 inch tires


  About a half year ago I bought an ’86 Bronco II 4×4 and I’d like to put
31 inch tires on it. What amount of lift is required to keep the tires from
rubbing the sheetmetal? What brand of suspension would you suggest; do you
have any experience with the TrailMaster 4" kit?

  Thanx for your help!


P.S.: Preferred wheel size: 8×15.

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I have a question for technically oriented people out there.  It’s something
I’ve wondered about for along time, but have never found the answer.

The question is this, why do wider tires offer better cornering ability.
The equation for friction is

       frictional force = Normal force * coeff. of friction.

Nowhere in this equation does surface area of contact appear?  What’s going on?


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Stroker Crank info needed

I would like any information on a reliable source for stroker cranks other than
Lunati. I’m building up a Mopar 340 and would like to know my options for a
good performance piece without spending the bucks for a billet crank.



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Milky White Stuff in coolant


The car is ’88 Plymouth Sundance.

The sysmpton is: small milky white stuff floating around in my cooling
system; can see them in the radiator and in the coolant recovery bottle.

Have flushed and refilled with Prestone and distilled water about
a year ago and 14K miles.

What’s the problem, if any?  Is Prestone not compatible with the aluminum
that Crysler used?

Any info will be appreciated.

Yong Choong

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Radials where only bias tread

I have a Jaguar 3.8s that typically uses 650 size bias ply tyres.  if i were to
install radials, what is the widest radials that i might use?  the car has wire
wheels.  i have 4 new 205-70VR15 tyres that i would like to use, if acceptable.
it should go without saying that the wheels are 15 inch – so i won’t say it…

any/all advice is appreciated,

rick lindsay, tulsa, amoco research

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Changing the timing belt, steering noise on a '81 Honda accord

Greetings all,
    I was plannig on changing my timing belt in my ’81 accord and was wanting to
 know the following
             1) How easy/hard is it to change the belt.
             2) What precautions in need to take while doing the change.
             3) Any advise/suggestion is welcome.
  While I’m at it,
           When I make a turn especially a sharp one there is a noise that seems
to be comming from the steering mechanism. I checked the oil level and it’s ok.

Any advise on this is also welcome.

Specs   : ’81 Honda Accord four door.
Mileage : approx 82,000.

I would prefer E-mail please.

Thanks for your time
:-) ranjan kohli

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