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Need wheel info for 1987 Integra

I’ve managed to lose the wheel specifications that I had for my Integra.
Does anyone know the following:

        wheel offset
        bolt pattern (4 x 125mm ?)
        hub size (is this a standard?)

Actual offset/rim width combinations would be nice.  I’m looking at 14×6 inch
wheels (I believe the stock size is 14×5.5?), what offset works?

I’ve heard nasty things about lug vs. hub-centric, are hub-centric wheels easy
to find?

Any good tire recommendations for a lead-foot street driver?  I was pretty
happy with the stock MXVs (which lasted me 30k miles), how about Yokohama
(AVS, A-008?).

Any info would be great!!!

                                                Matt Goheen

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Re: Foam under Valvecovers

Another cause for this is a bad thermostat, if you’re lucky. If
it is stuck open the engine runs too cold, and the contaminants
never boil out.
Feel the top radiator hose when the car has been run for some time.
It should be very hot. If it is cold, change the thermostat and the
oil and see what happens.

A professional mechanic (not the one that rebuilt the engine)
can do a pressure test to determine if the cooling system is

If you do have to replace the head gaskets, I’ve had good luck
with Fel-Pro Blue line. They have a teflon seal and do not
have to be re-torqued.


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Re: Sealing Header Gaskets, How?

This is a shot in the dark, but there is a product called
coppercoat, designed to seal steel head gaskets. This might
Have you talked to the header manufacturer?
Could your engine be running too lean? richening it a little
would drop your exhaust temperature.

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Help on GM V6 Engine

Distribution: na
Organization: Mitel. Kanata (Ontario). Canada.

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Help on GM V6 engine

Distribution: na
Organization: Mitel. Kanata (Ontario). Canada.

I have a 84 Olds Ciera with a V6 engine. Coolant leaked into the engine
two months ago. The garage fixed it and indicated that it was caused by
a leaking gasket.  There are still two outstanding problems. Can anyone
give some suggestions ?

1. When the engine is warm, some white smoke still comes out from the

2. When the car goes over speed bump, the engine may die. It can be
restarted immediately.

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Scirocco Dosen't Start

I am having a tough time figuring out the starting (or un-starting) problem withmy 1980 Scirocco.  The starter cranks, battery is fine, no problem with fuel
delivery.  But just no sparks.  Following the service manual I checked the
coil resistances (measured 0.7 Ohm & 2900 ohm, acceptable according to the book), checked and replaced the ignition control unit.  Checked and cleaned the
distributor with the Hall sending pickup.  Still no sparks!!

Is there a coil failure mode that can not be measured by resistance alone?
I am thinking to replace the coil anyway but after spending $100 on the control
unit already, in vein, I hate to fork another $80.00 if it is not at fault.

I greatly appreciate any advice/experience in similar problem.

THANKS in advance!!

alf liang

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How are calipers rebuilt?  I have been told that a poor rebuilding job
(eg, when done in dirty conditions) can lead to an early failure.

- John


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engine keeps running

I have an 89 mercruiser 5.7 liter ski (350 chevy) engine which
likes to run.  It likes to run so much that occasionally it does
not quit even when you switch it off.  I then runs for many seconds
in a way that sounds almost painful.  This does not happen as often
(if at all) when I run higher octane fuel, but I would prefer to
just burn regular unleaded (the octane for the regular unleaded
which I use is above the recommended minimum specified in my service
manual for the engine).  Is this something to live with?  Or is
something not tuned right? So what gives?


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Adding a factory tachometer

I just bought a 1990 nissan pickup.  To get a tachometer on the thing I would
have had to bought a $600 option package.  

Has anyone out there had any experience adding a factory tach to their pickup.
I would like to maintain the factory look.
Is the wiring harness run, or will I have to run wires myself.
Can I get one out of a junkyard, from an earlier model, or have they made
changes to the 90 model that won’t allow me to use an old one?
I would also like to add the other factory gages in the process, but it is
not a necessity.  Are the factory gages peices of junk?  would I be better off
buying aftermarket parts and trying to fit them into the factory allocated

I’m sure no one else really cares about this, and I don’t regularly read these
newsgroups, so please email replys.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Scott Perman   Georgia Institute of Technology gt51…@prism.gatech.EDU
Disclaimer?        Disclaimer?         We don’t need no stinkin’ disclaimer.

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clutch problems?

I was wondering if anyone might have any advice concerning a
possible problem with my 84 5sp Cherokee Jeep. One morning my wife
was driving it and she said the car felt like it was pulling
something heavy when she started accelerating in first and she
stalled it a couple of times. She had already driven it to the
market with no problem and this happened on the way back.  Well,
after a couple of tries she said the problem went away and she
came home and told me.  So, I went out to see for myself and sure
enough it seemed like it did not want to move when in first. It
felt as if I had the emergency break on but it was off. I checked
to make sure that it was in gear and everything seemed o.k. Not
knowing what the problem was I didn’t want to possibly make things
worse so I didn’t bother driving it.  But one day later I went out
to see if the problem was still there but everything was fine and  
I drove it with no problems. One thing I have noticed though is that
sometimes it is difficult to put the car in reverse but the other
gears are ok. I checked all the fluid levels and the transmission
may need a minute amount added. I’m wondering if my clutch is going
out. I’ve only had the car a few weeks and I bought it used
it as 87k miles on it.
Any Suggestions?

Enrique Suarez                        att!drutx!suarez

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